We are here to learn about love

Up until recently, when someone died they were dead. In the past 60 -70 years, scientific technology has given medical doctors devices like heart defibrillators and respirators that have allowed us to bring people back from the jaws of death. Without spontaneous breathing or cardiac activity these individuals were declared dead. With CPR life was restored and survivors were able to reveal what they experienced while clinically dead. The stories they told were amazingly similar to each other. I relate the details in Chapter 6—Transition.

At the conclusion of recounting the story of their death experience, they were asked a simple open-ended question : “Was there anything that you learned on the other side that you brought back with you that you want to share with me?” According to Raymond Moody,M.D. who did this research in the 1970’s, all of them, in their own words, said basically the same thing : we are here to learn about love. It wasn’t about acquiring money or fame or power …. our souls come into physical form with the primary intention to learn to love others, and even more importantly, to learn to love ourselves.

Learning the value and importance of self-love is one of the most difficult lessons for each of us to learn here in earthschool. Unlike self-ish, where someone else is hurt in the pursuit of meeting your own needs, self-love is an act or thought that nurtures yourself without harm to anyone. Doing for yourself requires the self-esteem to feel worthy enough to give to yourself. Your challenge is to love yourself as much as God loves you.

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