I Can Do It conference

I just returned from a book signing at the Pasadena I Can Do It conference put on by Hay House. It was so exciting to hear such inspirational speakers as Dr. Wayne Dyer share their knowledge and spiritual message with all who attended.

In these tumultuous times, aren’t we all looking for ways to make sense of all the craziness we are observing and experiencing. Rather than be upset or worried, I found that being with other authors who are hopeful and visionary encouraged me to put my energy into enhancing my personal and spiritual growth. As each of us expands our hearts and minds, our souls are uplifted to a higher place. My intuition is that the entire planet is shifting consciousness as witnessed by all the changes we are seeing. These are very exciting times.

Our personal power as individual beings is to see the big picture, to realize that despite external events, each of us has this wonderful opportunity to elevate ourselves and all we love to a place of inner calmness and spiritual enlightenment. It begins by working on ourselves. As we clear away old paradigms of fear and negativity, as we transcend past painful experiences, and current difficulties and challenges, we demonstrate our personal resilience, and teach by example how to live a happier and healthier life. That each of us has issues in our lives that cause us pain and heartache is no surprise to you. What we need to focus our attention on is how we can use them as springboards to elevate our Higher selves to a place of equanimity and serenity.

It is so easy to get bogged down by our personal melodramas, give in to the fears we feel inside. Rather, we can choose to be more loving to ourselves and each other, put a positive spin on any situation we are facing, and with this spiritual insight see the hopeful possibilities each of us is capable of attaining. Although pain in this life is unavoidable, suffering is optional. The choice is yours to make.

Good luck in your endeavors. Aim high. And higher yet. You are all very loved —- by your Higher self and your Higher Power. There is hope for each of us. It is my wish that you can get passed your pain, passed your fears, to a place I can now clearly see. Life can be good. Life can be better. I have no doubt that this is possible for you. May your pains diminish as your soul expands. From my heart to yours.

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